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Everyone wants to feel happy, secure, cherished, loved and respected in their marriage. After all, this is what Allah intends. But it may be difficult to achieve all of this in a marriage that isn’t strong and committed. Here are ten marriage tips for Arabs to strengthen and protect their sacred vows.

Be Open About Finances

Many marriages dissolve due to financial stress. Usually, it doesn’t have to do with how much money a couple has, but rather how openly and honestly you communicate about finances.

Learn to Love the In-Laws

The sooner you achieve this, the better off you will be. In-laws tend to be the focus of contention and blame in an Arab marriage. Show proper respect and remember their intentions are good.

Co-Parent Equally

When both husband and wife are involved in the lives of their children, everyone is happier. Define your roles while you are still two Arab singles, and help each other out.

Spiritual Compatibility

Spiritual incompatibility is a growing problem in the world, with couples eventually breaking up because of these dissensions. Have respect for one another’s views and develop a spiritual balance.

Split Up Domestic Responsibilities

Have a mutual understanding of the household responsibilities and split them up fairly. Clearly defined roles help avoid bitterness.

Respect Cultural Differences

In a relationship each person brings different cultural norms to the table. Respect and understand the way your spouse was raised.

Avoid Stressful Situations

Some stress is hard to avoid, but properly preparing for and managing life and marriage will make it much less stressful.

Spend Time Alone

Once children come, it may be tricky to find time to spend alone together, but it’s important for your relationship that you make the time.


While it’s easy to assume you know what your spouse is thinking, it’s a better idea to communicate openly and honestly with one another.

Trust One Another

Many Arab marriages, and even Arab dating relationships, have failed from lack of trust. Don’t let yours fall victim to this trend. When you are honest with one another, trust will follow.

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